About us

The support we offer goes beyond food and clothing. We care about the people we meet and we get to know many of them really well.

  • If people stop coming we notice and try to find out why.
  • If someone has been injured or fallen on particularly hard times we put them in touch with those who can provide further care and support.

When necessary we contact the emergency services, the ‘out of hours’ service to get immediate support, taking the most vulnerable away from the street or into medical care. The Sheffield Churches Soup Kitchen is part of a wider network of services for vulnerable and homeless people. Through our members we work with other agencies and contribute to strategic groups to help improve the support available to vulnerable and homeless people in Sheffield. We have contributed to and we support the Help Us Help campaign. It recognises how difficult life is on the street and the importance of finding long term solutions instead of short term fixes.

Case Study

We noticed that a person who lived by himself had stopped coming to the soup kitchen. We were concerned because he was alone and came for company as much as food. When we visited his home there was no answer so we asked the police to investigate. In the end they forced an entry to his home and found he had died.

It struck us that we were possibly his only regular contact and that he lived without anyone to be concerned for him. It is important to know that we provide for a real need and that our small but regular service makes a difference to people.


“We would be lost without the soup kitchen,it is not just about the food, although we enjoy it and many rely on it. It is the friendship and care they share.They are always ready to listen and support us wherever it is needed.” – Ron,Brian, Kev, June and Diane